Hey everyone. This is the first round of character Survivor, I thought it'd be fun to do (and increase volume on the wiki as well).

I was inspired to do this by CC-8589934592 in the Candy Crush wiki.

Rules. Heroes in Rail Rush will start with 0 points. You may cast 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 votes a day.  It's entirely your choice.  Only one vote may be given to each hero each day.  That means every calendar day, not necessarily 24 hours. You can vote at 11:59 PM (UTC), then again at 12:01 AM (UTC), but that would be your vote for the day. When 300 votes are cast (this number is provisional) the top 7 go to the second round.  The third round is a straight runoff between the top two.  The hero with more votes in the end is declared winner.

NOTE: When the total number of contest votes reaches 90, a 1 vote a day limit is triggered. This limit goes out of effect when 10 users have commented on it.

NOTE: These rules may change depending on circumstances. This is the first such contest on this wiki.

Medal. The hero who wins this survivor will have a medal at the end of it. This medal is not yet designed, but users are welcome to add possible medal designs.

Note: The scores for each character will be up to date on this thread. You have to refresh the thread to see the new score.

DEADLINE FOR VOTING IN FIRST ROUND: When 300 total votes are cast

List of characters:

Bob Molechaser - 2

Daryl Plankbuster

Charles Longshot 

Ace Upsleave - 2

Axel Firechief

Pancho Bomba - 1

Sandy Sultan

Dino Killer - 1

Doctor Prop - 1

Captain Nemo - 1

Slasher Fury - 1

Slowdown Pete

Julie Braveheart

Twinblade San - 1