Slowdown Pete
Appearances: Worlds and mobile versions
Occupation: Aviator
Gender: Male
Equipment: Parachute
Price: Worlds version:
20,000 nuggets
iOS version:
Android version:
$4.99 for permanent ownership or 3 trial passes per use
Windows Phone version:
Death cry: "Oaaahhhhh!"

Slowdown Pete is a premium character in the Worlds and mobile versions of Rail Rush.


Slowdown Pete is dressed up like a pilot or aviator, wearing a green shirt, goggles and a brown flight jacket. He brings an orange-and-white parachute.


Slowdown Pete can use his parachute to slow the eventual acceleration of the cart. Note that his parachute does not function the same way as a Hand Brake.

Premium RulesEdit

Because Slowdown Pete has a advantageous ability, he is classified as a premium character. In the Worlds version, he costs 20,000 nuggets. In the mobile version, however, he is an in-app purchase at the price of $4.99 (or $4.49 on Windows Phone). However, in the Android version, players also have the option to use Pete at the price of three trial passes per use.


Slowdown Pete effectively decreases the acceleration of the cart, increasing the distance the player would have to travel before the cart reaches top speed. This allows players to warm up and ease themselves into the action before things get difficult. With him, players can go quite farther, provided that obstacles are avoided.

In the Worlds version, Slowdown Pete's low price may be tempting, but it would be better to save nuggets for characters and steel armor that can eliminate obstacles.

In the Android version, the player can make use of Pete if he/she has enough trial passes and needs to take advantage of a rock egg power-up or complete (a) particular mission(s).