The shop is a place where players can buy power-ups, characters and other game-enhancing amenities in all versions of Rail Rush.


In all versions of Rail Rush, the shop is divided into three sections.

In the mobile version, the shop has a fourth section where players can buy more nuggets with in-app purchases, although in that same section, players are also offered free nuggets for downloading and playing certain apps.


  • The “pop-out drawer” menu interface used for Rail Rush’s in-game shop looks similar to the one used in Jetpack Joyride.
  • For each purchased item, there is a green circle with a number indicating how much of one particular item the player has bought. Equipped items or selected characters are indicated with a green checkmark.


In the Android version, if the player attempts to make an in-app purchase without an Internet connection, the screen will show the message “Processing Purchase...” persistently, locking up the touchscreen. The only way to escape this bug is to quit out of the app by repeatedly the Back button and tapping “Yes” on the exit prompt, or by pressing the Home button, going to the task manager, and “force-stopping” the game. It is unknown whether this bug also happens in the other mobile versions of this game.