Sandy Sultan
Appearances: Worlds and mobile versions
Occupation: Sorcerer
Gender: Male
Equipment: Headdress, bracelet
Price: Worlds version:
20 trial passes to unlock Pharaoh's Tomb + 15,000 nuggets
Mobile version:
$1.99 to unlock Pharaoh's Tomb + 15,000 nuggets
Death cry: "Ooouuaaaahhhh!" (same as Axel Firechief)

Sandy Sultan is a world character in the Worlds and mobile versions of Rail Rush.


Sandy Sultan is an ancient Egyptian sorcerer who wears a red and gold tunic and headdress. He appears to have some mysterious magical power.

How to Unlock This CharacterEdit

As Sandy Sultan possesses an ability that is endemic to Pharaoh's Tomb, a premium world, he would have no special abilities outside of his world. Thus, he is not available for sale from the start in the mobile and Worlds version. He can be unlocked in the Worlds version if the player collects twenty trial passes from the rock eggs and uses them to unlock his world. In the mobile version, however, he can only be unlocked by purchasing permanent access to Pharaoh's Tomb for $1.99. Without this in-app purchase, Sandy Sultan is impossible to unlock or use.


When approaching a Hieroglyphic Puzzle Gate in Pharaoh's Tomb, Sandy Sultan can use his powers to quickly reveal one of the two incorrect doors by eliminating its corresponding on-screen icon.


With Sandy Sultan, the player will have a fifty percent chance of selecting the right door while entering a Hieroglyphic Puzzle Gate in Pharaoh's Tomb, as he can use his magic powers to eliminate one of two incorrect choices when the player is prompted to pick the correct door that will lead onward, out of three possible doors. However, this ability is essentially useless if the player does not click/tap the correct choice to advance through the gate, because even if Sandy Sultan eliminates the choice for the blue scarab door, the cart will still automatically choose that door if the player does not make a choice.