Pancho Bomba
Appearances: Worlds and mobile versions
Occupation: Mercenary
Gender: Male
Equipment: Bombs
Price: Worlds and mobile version:
12,500 nuggets
Arcade version:
1,000 nuggets (default)
Death cry: "Ay-yai-yai-yai..."

Pancho Bomba is a nugget-boosting character in the Worlds, mobile and arcade versions of Rail Rush. He is a parody of Pancho Villa, who was a general in the 1910 Mexican Revolution.


Pancho Bomba is a brown-haired man with a white shirt and red vest. He also has an ammunition belt, and he is always seen holding a bomb that he throws periodically.


For about every thirty seconds or so during a run, Pancho Bomba throws a bomb to unearth more nuggets that he automatically collects, regardless of whether or not the cart has magnets.


At first, the ability to periodically get a small boost of nuggets from time to time may seem beneficial, but players need to be aware that Pancho's explosives are so strong that they give off a blinding flash of light that fills the screen for one brief second. This can be dangerous if the player does not pay attention to what is up ahead when Pancho launches the bomb, and many can learn the hard way that early deaths can happen with this ability at first. For this reason, it is a good idea to purchase Ace Upsleave first, before buying this character.

The blinding effect of the bomb can also make it difficult to survive hazards in other worlds, although key commands for the giant snake ambushes and Kraken battles, along with on-screen prompts to click/tap the correct hieroglyph at a hieroglyphic gate can still be visible through explosions in the Worlds version.