Settings and other information can be accessed in the Options menu of Rail Rush.


There are four settings that can be changed in Rail Rush, but the second one listed below does not appear in the classic version.

  • Tutorial On/Off: When enabled, the next time a run begins, the player will travel on a tutorial track that teaches the basic controls of the game to the player, before he/she enters the actual randomly-generated course. It is important to note that when the tutorial is enabled, all attachments are removed and the default character is Bob Molechaser. If the player dies during one part of the tutorial, he/she will have to do that part over again. Also, nuggets collected during the tutorial do not count. The tutorial does not cover hazards in other worlds, leaving the player to guess what move is needed to avoid each of them. After the tutorial is finished, this option is disabled again. By default, this option is enabled before the game is played for the first time.
  • "Save Me" Message Position: The player can choose whether to put the prompt to use a Second Chance in the middle of the screen or at the bottom of the screen. This option does not exist in the classic version.
  • Music On/Off: Enable or disable the music. Music is enabled by default.
  • Sounds On/Off: Enable or disable sound effects (such as gunshots, wood shattering, etc.). Sound effects are enabled by default.

Other ButtonsEdit

There are four other buttons below the settings:

  • Gems: Review the gems you have found and collected so far.
  • Statistics: Review the current overall statistics for your profile.
  • Credits: Clicking/tapping here will show the company that developed Rail Rush, which is Silent Bay Studios, and the year of the game's initial release, which is 2012.
  • Back: Return to the main menu.


The tutorial ends with the message, "You are ready. Good luck!" This is highly similar to the exact same message that ends the tutorial for Temple Run.