Julie Braveheart
Appearances: Worlds and mobile versions
Occupation: Pirate
Gender: Female
Equipment: Cutlass
Price: Worlds version:
50,000 nuggets
iOS version:
Android version:
$4.99 for permanent ownership or 3 trial passes per use
Windows Phone version:
Death cry: "Aahhhhhhh!"

Julie Braveheart is a premium character in the Worlds and mobile versions of Rail Rush.


Julie Braveheart is a pirate woman with short blond hair. She wears a cleavage-baring white shirt, purple hat and striped pants. She is armed with a cutlass.


Julie Braveheart can smash upper and lower wooden obstacles with her cutlass.

Premium RulesEdit

Because Julie Braveheart has a powerful ability, she is classified as a premium character. In the Worlds version, she costs 50,000 nuggets, which takes quite a long time to procure. In the mobile version, however, she is an in-app purchase at the price of $4.99 (or $4.49 on Windows Phone). However, in the Android version, players also have the option to use Julie at the price of three trial passes per use.


In the Worlds version, the fact that Julie Braveheart can break two kinds of more frequent obstacles is a welcome, yet tempting relief to players, but it would be better to save up on steel armor that would do the job at a lower price. However, since side obstacles are harder to avoid, it is more advisable to get Twinblade-san first before saving up for Julie.

Even though Julie can break wooden upper and lower obstacles, she cannot destroy upper or lower hazards in the premium worlds, so the player needs to be aware of this. Julie would be of little help to players who need to complete missions that involve clearing or near-missing upper or lower obstacles.

In the Android version, the player can make use of Julie if he/she has enough trial passes and needs to take advantage of a rock egg power-up or complete (a) particular mission(s), if it/they does/do not concern clearing or near-missing upper and/or lower obstacles.