Dr. Prop
Appearances: Worlds and mobile versions
Occupation: Inventor/scientist
Gender: Male
Equipment: Propeller backpack
Price: 15,000 nuggets
Death cry: "Whoooaaaaa!" (same as Ace Upsleave)

Dr. Prop is a world character in the Worlds and mobile versions of Rail Rush.


Dr. Prop is dressed in a purple suit with a top hat. He wears glasses and a backpack that has a motorized propeller.


Dr. Prop has a motorized propeller backpack. While it does not have enough horsepower to carry him through the air, it can give him sufficient stability while attempting a Great Jump in the Steam Factory.


With Dr. Prop, the Great Jump in the Steam Factory can be quite a cinch, as every time a Great Jump is performed, Dr. Prop's motorized helicopter backpack deploys, allowing him to straighten the cart and maintain its balance. However, this does not mean that you can get through every Great Jump effortlessly, as you still must keep an eye on the balance gauge. If it ever goes off kilter, make the appropriate move to bring it back to the middle, because there is still a chance that Dr. Prop may land awkwardly and plummet to his doom.

Dr. Prop is available for sale from the start, but his ability can only be used in the Steam Factory, which is also initially available as well.


There can be a hilarious, although trivial bug that can happen with Dr. Prop. If the player uses a Steam Power to skip a Great Jump at the Steam Factory while playing as Dr. Prop, he will still deploy his propeller pack, which will penetrate the Steam Power's shield. The propeller will continue to spin even after the Steam Power shield and booster are removed and even as Dr. Prop continues down the track. The propeller will continue to spin until the player finishes another Great Jump.