Dino Killer
Appearances: Worlds and mobile versions
Occupation: Hunter-gatherer
Gender: Male
Equipment: Bow and arrow
Price: Worlds version:
20 trial passes to unlock Jurassic Jungle + 15,000 nuggets
Mobile version:
$1.99 to unlock Jurassic Jungle + 15,000 nuggets
Death cry: "Oaaahhhh!" (same as Slowdown Pete)

Dino Killer is a world character in the Worlds and mobile versions of Rail Rush.


Dino Killer is an unnamed indigenous hunter-gatherer with dark, marked skin and a loincloth. He uses the skulls of small dinosaurs for shoulder pads, and is armed with a bow and arrow.

How to Unlock This CharacterEdit

As Dino Killer possesses an ability that is endemic to Jurassic Jungle, a premium world, he would have no special abilities outside of his world. Thus, he is not available for sale from the start in the mobile and Worlds version. He can be unlocked in the Worlds version if the player collects twenty trial passes from the rock eggs and uses them to unlock his world. In the mobile version, however, he can only be unlocked by purchasing permanent access to Jurassic Jungle for $1.99. Without this in-app purchase, Dino Killer is impossible to unlock or use.


Dino Killer can use his bow and arrow to slow down the Tyrannosaurus Rex whenever it comes out to attack him in Jurassic Jungle.


With Dino Killer, the T-Rex chases in Jurassic Jungle can be a little easier. Dino Killer can shoot the T-Rex to disrupt its attacks for a split second, giving the player a little more time to figure out which track to jump to and when. As good as his archery abilities are, however, the player still needs to carefully dodge the T-Rex's attacks and avoid the red grass patches that can slow him/her down.