Charles Longshot
Appearances: Classic, Worlds and mobile versions
Occupation: Big game hunter
Gender: Male
Equipment: Rifle
Price: Classic version:
50,000 nuggets
Worlds and mobile versions:
38,000 nuggets
Death cry: "Aaaaagghhhhh!"

Charles Longshot is a playable character in all versions of Rail Rush.


Charles Longshot is a white-bearded man who is dressed as a big game hunter. He is armed with a rifle.


Charles Longshot can blast right wooden obstacles with his rifle.


As a very expensive "non-premium" character (in the mobile version), Charles Longshot should be one of the first characters you buy. His ability will pay off well. Since Charles Longshot can destroy one particular kind of side obstacle, alternating pairs of side obstacles will no longer pose a threat to your run. However, he cannot eliminate side hazards in the other worlds. These hazards must be avoided by tilting the cart away from them.

Since Charles picks off all right obstacles along the way, missions requiring you to near-miss right obstacles would be impossible with him. On the other hand, missions that require you to tilt your cart right for a certain distance will be easier, as Charles will destroy all right obstacles that stand in the way.