There are various playable characters in Rail Rush. Unlike the ones in Temple Run and its sequel, almost all characters (or "heroes" in the Worlds and mobile versions) in this game each possess one ability that impacts the way how the game is played. For a more detailed overview on heroes, click here.
For each character, the following information is listed:

  • Appearances: Indicates which versions of the game that the character is playable in.
  • Occupation: The supposed occupation of the character, which defines his/her appearance, abilities and tools.
  • Gender: The character's gender. All but two characters are male.
  • Equipment: What weapons, tools or articles of clothing that the character has that is uniquely instrumental to his/her ability.
  • Price: How much it costs to purchase the character.
  • Death cry: Describes what the character will scream after a fatal accident.

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