Captain Nemo
Appearances: Worlds and mobile versions
Occupation: Naval Captain
Gender: Male
Equipment: Electric harpoon
Price: Worlds version:
20 trial passes to unlock Undersea World + 15,000 nuggets
Mobile version:
$1.99 to unlock Undersea World + 15,000 nuggets
Death cry: "Ooouuaaaahhhh!" (same as Axel Firechief)

Captain Nemo is a world character in the Worlds and mobile versions of Rail Rush.


Captain Nemo wears a blue coat, a white hat and gloves. A picture of an anchor is emblazoned on the back of his coat. He is a major character lifted from Jules Verne's classic novel, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

How to Unlock This CharacterEdit

As Captain Nemo possesses an ability that is endemic to Undersea World, a premium world, he would have no special abilities outside of his world. Thus, he is not available for sale from the start in the mobile and Worlds version. He can be unlocked in the Worlds version if the player collects twenty trial passes from the rock eggs and uses them to unlock his world. In the mobile version, however, he can only be unlocked by purchasing permanent access to Undersea World for $1.99. Without this in-app purchase, Captain Nemo is impossible to unlock or use.


Captain Nemo can counter the Kraken's tentacles with his reusable electric harpoon in Undersea World.


With Captain Nemo, battles against the Kraken in Undersea World can be a little easier, as Captain Nemo can take out some of the Kraken's tentacles. Careful vigilance is needed, as he cannot take out all the Kraken's tentacles singlehandedly. You will know when Captain Nemo is ready to take out an approaching tentacle when a blue orb of energy appears on his harpoon tip. He can only miss if you attack the tentacle a tad early. Unlike Amazonia World's snake ambush sequences, the Kraken battles are easier and more slow-paced, as only one tentacle will attack at a time. However, the player must be careful not to hit the wrong key in the Worlds version, as doing so would result in instant death. Also, the player needs to be aware that Captain Nemo can throw his harpoon too late, so if a tentacle is coming too close, the player would have to take it out with the correct key press or a tap, depending on the version.