Bob Molecchaser
Appearances: Classic, Worlds, mobile and arcade versions
Occupation: Archaeologist/explorer
Gender: Male
Equipment: None
Price: Free
Death cry: "Euuhhh!"

Bob Molechaser is the main protagonist of Rail Rush, and is the only character available at the start in every version of the game.


Bob Molechaser wears a fedora and is dressed in a way similar to that of Indiana Jones, and as the first character in the game, it is clearly evident that the game was inspired by the mine cart sequences of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.


Bob lacks any abilities whatsoever, save for perhaps a spirited resolve to discover uncharted places and unearth long-lost treasures.


Bob Molechaser does not have any abilities of any kind. As the starting character the player is first given, the player has to work with not having any abilities until he/she raises enough nuggets to purchase other characters.

In other mediaEdit