Axel Firechief
Appearances: Classic, Worlds and mobile versions
Occupation: Firefighter
Gender: Male
Equipment: Fire axe
Price: Classic version:
30,000 nuggets
Worlds and mobile versions:
26,000 nuggets
Death cry: "Ooouuaaaahhhh!"

Axel Firechief is a playable character in all versions of Rail Rush.


Axel Firechief is a large, hulking fire chief, wearing gloves, a torn T-shirt, brown overalls and a firefighter's helmet. He wields a large, red axe, which appears quite smaller in-game.


Axel can use his axe to smash upper wooden obstacles.


At a cost of just about 30,000 nuggets, depending on which version you play, it may be tempting for the player to buy this character immediately, but it is wiser to save up nuggets for characters that can destroy side obstacles. While these characters are more expensive than Axel, it is important to note that side obstacles are more difficult to avoid, regardless of whether the game is played on a web browser or a mobile device. Switching between "A" and "D" keys, or nudging your phone from side to side, can be very tough to do, especially while attempting to avoid pairs of alternating side obstacles that spawn in later parts of a run.

Also, while Axel himself can destroy upper obstacles, he cannot destroy upper hazards in special worlds. These hazards must be avoided by crouching.

You may wish to have Axel sit out if you need to complete a mission that involves passing through or near-missing upper obstacles, since he destroys all upper obstacles.